Full Technology, Networking,Servers,Workstations, Notebooks & Full PC Repair

Computer Repair Charges

Computer Tune-up

           Cost:   $65.00  to $80.00

  • Clean the inside of your Computers or Laptop (Fan)
  • Clean up un-needed system files
  • Clean Windows Registry & backup changes
  • Clear internet history
  • Disable unnecessary background services
  • Disable unnecessary startup programs
  • Optimize Internet Adaptor settings for performance
  • Optimize browser settings for performance
  • Optimize Windows configuration for speed
  • Install FREE Antivirus Software & Scan
  • Run  Windows  & Security Update

Re-Install your Windows  & Office Software

              Cost:   $80.00 to $120.00

  • Format your existing Computer or Laptop Hard Drive
  • Fresh install of your existing Windows & Office Software (Provided by Customer)
  • Install All Drivers relating to the operation of your Computer or Laptop
  • Include all the above Tune Up on this fresh install

Backup Data and Restore 

            Cost:   $150.00 to $180.00

  • Backup all your data, (include Email, Favorites, Documents)
  • Re-Install your Windows  & Office Software
  • Computer Tune-up
  • Restore Data to existing Computer or Laptop