Technology Consulting

We have met a lot of our clients who are asking themselves, “Where do I even start?”.
That’s more of a common situation than you would initially think; most of our clients have been working with other local or national service providers and are asking themselves exactly that.

No-Risk, No-Cost Initial Consultation

We offer a no-risk, no-cost initial consultation with companies who are just looking for answers such as:

  • I have a current IT company, are they doing a good job?
  • I don’t know what I really have in my office or even if it’s the right “stuff”.
  • We just lost all of our data and thought we were backing up – what do we do next?

Piece of Mind

You don’t even have to have a life-changing event or question!  Sometimes clients are just looking for some piece of mind:
  • Am I backing up my data?
  • How do I recover a file I’ve lost?
  • What if my office has a fire?
  • How do I expand my office to a second location?
Our staff of seasoned consultants can help in any situation.  Just make your next call today to Accel Computers and find out how!